jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

The new Doctor!

So Yes! It seems like the new Doctor Who season has started filming I can't say I'm excited since David Tennant is my favorite Doctor as most of you know but well, I did come across some pictures and we can see the new outfit he's going to be wearing and well When I started watching the first season I fell in love with Eccleston then came the second season and I fell for David, they say this is the beauty of the show the doctor is such an interesting character that it doesn't matter who portrays him so we will have to see.

Who do you think is cuter? :D

3 comentarios:

Karla dijo...

I think both are cute, and I'm sure you will fall for the new Dr too ;).
Each Dr has his special something.

Diana dijo...

David ;_; ! and yay first comment ;)

Karla dijo...

El icon de la derecha esta cute <3